Correct sizing of the selected interior door model is very important. Prior to making a purchase, interior doors must be properly measured. There are established standards for interior doors, but they do not always represent the exact option that you need.


Our online store of doors represents new door designs, which are adopted for the adopted standards:

  • the height of the warehouse door leaf 200 cm;
  • the width of the door leaf can vary between 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm or 90 cm.

A wide range of meanings for the size of the interior doors are most acceptable and the most optimal for rooms. However, there are a lot of such sizes for the skin home room, which can be considered as standard indicators. For example, the size of kitchen doors can be folded from the canvas:

width – 70 cm; dino – 200 cm; clay – 7 cm.

The size of the door leaf, how to stand in the bathroom of the room, often become:

  • width from 55 to 60 cm
  • height from 190 to 200 cm;
  • glibin from 5 to 7 cm. The size of the canvas of the first rooms of the booth can be varied in the offensive boundaries:

  • width – 80 cm;
  • height – 200 cm;
  • glybin – from 7 to 2 cm.

It is important to vrahovuvati, which is the way of making the doors of Trocha Vishche individual to the viewer, not making the doors of the standard size. Yak correctly zrobiti zamіr? For food, as a vibration, the size of the inner doors, the readiness of the onset of the parameters is sufficient to ensure the exact value:

  • the size of the width and height of the doorway. To do this, measure three points and identify найменший показник;
  • the size of the door thickness. Here, the largest indicator is selected from three points;
  • width of door trims;
  • the size of the door sill, if any. It should be noted that often its size is equal to the thickness of the door frame;
  • in the presence of the non-standard size of interroom doors selections which size is generally accepted and can make 10 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm are necessary.

The door store in Kiev provides services for measuring interior doors. Experienced specialists measure doorways to the nearest millimeter, so that the door will be made correctly and clearly.

It is possible to buy interior doors in Kiev by carrying out their order through the website. This procedure will save time on the trip to the store.

Formula of calculations For calculation of width of a doorway it is necessary to make indicators of width of a cloth + with the sizes of a box + an assembly backlash + and a total backlash. To calculate the height of the doorway, it is necessary to make indicators of the height of the canvas + with the thickness of the box + with the distance between the floor and the door + with the upper gap + with the gap for the door entrance. For the final calculation it is necessary to round the value

Proper production of interior door measurements is the key to successful installation and further operation.