About Us


The RODOS trademark entered the Ukrainian market in 2016, with a large and successful experience in working with wood and creating furniture. RODOS production is unique not only for Ukraine, but for the entire post-Soviet space. Having set the task of being the best, the company is uncompromising in the design of models, equipment, technology, quality and the environment – all that guarantees a product that meets international standards. RODOS provides a complete production cycle: from processing raw materials to the release of finished models. Organic raw materials go through six stages of processing in two shops of the factory, equipped with the best German and Italian equipment.

The appearance of the doors is developed by its own design bureau, based on the latest market trends and its own know-how. The technical capabilities of the factory make it possible to make doors of any format and up to three meters high, with great attention being paid to the environmental and social safety of production. The impeccable quality of every detail, finish, fittings and glass makes RODOS doors competitive with the most famous European brands.


The door is the first and final point of home space. The integrity and harmony of the interior, its atmosphere, as well as your mood and comfort, depend on what it will be. When choosing a door, we usually pay attention to three important points: design, quality, price. And if there are enough products on the market with a suitable modern design at a low price, then the quality, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. It is very easy to make sure that you are offered high-quality products – just ask if the production is artisanal.



  • Door thickness 44 mm, which complies with Italian standards;
  • A wide range and original modern design;
  • The painting uses advanced CEFLA Finishing technology. The application of paints and varnishes is fully automated and takes place in closed chambers, due to which the highest quality of painting is achieved;
  • ICA polyester materials (Italy) ensure flawless coating;
  • The door leaf end is made using a patented technology using aluminum molding;
  • Our products have been awarded the Forest Stewardship Council ® Chain of Custody Certificate (License Code FSC-C129353).
  • RODOS can produce fireproof doors, with fire resistance class EI 30;